Hello ladies, it's me Tarn! I want to share a short story and some photos with you from when I was on Santarini, one of Greece's most beautiful Islands.

The photos were taken by a great friend of mine from Singapore, Nathan Wu.

So we set out to explore the hidden surprises of Santorini, the gorgeous little  cobbled streets and the cafes that summoned flavours of caramel and coco. The views off this fabulous island, opened up as far as the eye could see, into the rocky inhabited blue domed mountains,  and out too the ocean with a glass like reflection from the emerging sun. It is something everyone should see. It was truly spectacular. 

We were charged with the vibrant energy of what we had seen, so we set out and found a pretty spot on a hill to shoot some photos. It didn't take long and we were well into it. I felt like I was in a world of my own being surrounded by this beauty. Hours past before we realised how long we actually spent! We captured so many photos and had so much fun. The spectacular beauty of Santorini will take anyones breath away. It's a definite must see! Nathan's photography captures the natural beauty of our vintage pieces, and blends it in with the scenery to bring out the brightest and most beautiful of our vintage collection. Thank you for the photos Nathan! You're amazing! 

Anyway hope you enjoy the views ladies:))

Remember! Be unique, be yourself! 


Suger & Cream Vintage. 

Photo by : www.nathanwu.com